Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Health and Safety Fair

McMurdo held it's first ever (to my knowledge) Winter Health
and Safety Fair last week and over 60 people participated in
screenings and fitness testing. Height, weight, BMI and
blood pressure screenings were done by Medical, while
Physical Therapy and several volunteers directed participants
though the 6 minute walk, flexibility, strength and endurance
tests. Supply set up a table to show PPE equipment available and
the BFC provided Yoga instruction. The most interesting part of
the fair though was getting up and down the hill to the Big Gym
in the dark! I'm sure that raised quite a few people's blood


Benjamin said...

Why is the big gym still up? Aren't they trying to conserve energy?

Tom said...

They are...but they had it open through Extended Season and the NSF said it wouldn't use that much power. As a result, if 120 person/visits occur each month, it will justify keeping it open.

Benjamin said...

Well that is certainly good news for you you guys. I remember destroying my body a couple winters ago trying to play volleyball. Good times.