Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Left Holding the Bag

Of course this photo is a joke...

When have you seen a plane this empty lately???

Today I read an article >here< that American Airlines
is now going to be charging for each piece of luggage
brought onto a plane, beginning with $15.00 for the
first bag.

"AA says its elite frequent-flier members and those who
purchase premium tickets (first, business or full-fare
economy fares) will not have to pay the fees. The fees
apply only to flights within the USA and Canada".

"Additionally, AA says it also "has increased its fees
for certain other services, ranging from reservation
service fees to pet and over-sized bag fees. The
increases mostly range from $5 to $50 per service.
The company estimates that new and increased fees
announced this month will generate several hundred
million dollars in incremental annual revenue."

What's next?!?! I'm guessing that carry-on items will
be charged and soon each person will be charge based
on their height or weight as they arrive on the plane.
To save weight, we may be asked to strip down to nothing
before boarding the plane. Sound ridiculous you say?
Maybe...but charging for items that once seemed
untouchable a few years ago, such as a checked-in bag
would have sounded crazy a few years ago.

I've been told that this won't affect international
flights and all connecting flights to an international
flight would be included in the no-charge clause.
However, the recent trend within RPSC employees of holding
orientation in Denver for Summer and Winter folks coming
south will cause two separate flight segments...just to
get to LAX for the flight to New Zealand. Is Uncle Ray
going to eat this cost of paying an additional fee to get
our bags to Denver? Hardly. I believe we have seen the
last of the Denver orientation sessions and will be going
back to holding these sessions in Christchurch, which in
my opinion were a bit of a cluster. Either way, it will
be another huge expense and it bodes poorly for the USAP.


Anonymous said...

The luggage charge isn't valid for government fares or full purchase economy fares. Not sure if USAP buys these types of fares or not...

Will said...

Meh....air travel is still a bargain compared to travel by car - and many of us in the program get elite status anyway...didn't the article say the charge only applied to domestic travel.

Anyhow, I hope that they start enforcing carry-on size limits as well...