Friday, May 23, 2008


Last night a few of us got together to hang out at Cosray.
Sitting halfway between McMurdo and Scott Base on the
Scott Base Road, I'd been by Cosray probably a hundred
times but had never actually been inside. There's lots
of great artwork inside but this is one of my favorites
in an old 70's Coca Cola motif.

Cosray stands for Cosmic Ray Observatory and was built in
1961 to detect what else...Cosmic Rays. It's the oldest
continuously running experiment at McMurdo. One of my
favorite signs at McMurdo is the TraveLodge sign that you
can just make out by the front door. One of the best
things about the outside here is the quiet. It's really
really quiet compared to McMurdo. No beep beep beep of
heavy equipment operating. No Power Plant humming. Just
quiet. More like the rest of the continent and not the
noises of a small town.

Next door sits the Little House building. I've learned from
another website that it was originally built as the data
recording station for the Windless Bight infrasound system
and this was in the late 70's. Now it sits unused.
Doesn't it look like it would be a cool clubhouse or
something. I really like the widow's walk on the roof.

This is part of the inside of the Cosray building. Those
are the actual Cosmic Ray detectors on the floor. Our
frien Jen calls it the washing machine room. It does
make me want to do my laundry for some reason.

Apparently Cosray is also the building where old computer
equipment goes to die. I think that some museums (or boat
anchor sales shops) might be interested in some of this

One of the coolest parts about Cosray however is it's living
space. There's a kitchen, living room and even a really
neat library of old science books and science fiction novels.
Even lots of games leftover from the 70's. This building
includes a huge amount of history and is historical itself.
It's one of the oldest buildings here but maybe not for long.
The Cosmic Ray experiments are winding down and I've heard
that they might be either tearing it down or moving it.
According to one source, it might even be turned into a new
version of the Greenhouse. But for now, it remains just a
neat old building with tons of character...something rare in
McMurdo architecture.

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