Saturday, May 31, 2008

Who Are We?

These are a few demographics about the folks that
are living at McMurdo this winter:

34 Women
91 Men

41 Live in Dorm 155
43 Live in Dorm 208
41 Live in Dorm 209

39.13 Average age for Women
39.87 Average age for Men
39.68 Total Average

We’re From Four Countries:
New Zealand

Americans are from 32 Different States
26 From Colorado
9 From California
7 From Alaska

Of the 34 Women, 31 different names are represented:
2 Angela
2 Elizabeth
2 Lisa

Of the 91 Men, 61 different names are represented:
7 William
5 David
4 Robert


angie said...

one of two Angela's wonders what happened to Belize...

Tom said...

I didn't think about Belize...oops!

Lynnsie said...

Also what about the other Tom? You forgot Belize who's been here almost every season. You forgot your own name. Not to mention the Jasons and the Erics and the Daves and all the other duplicate names. I'd say T-3 is setting in, wouldn't you?

Tom said...

I'd say Lynnsie is getting a little sassy and thinks she knows how my mind works. I didn't go all the way down to two names for men since there were so many that had more than two! :P