Friday, June 27, 2008

48 Hour Film Festival

Our friend Antz is hosting this year's

Annual Antarctic Winter 48 Hour Film Making Competition

He sent an email out to a number of other Antarctic
stations but I thought I would help him out by posting
the info on my blog in case he missed anyone.

Greetings Everyone,

I am bound to have missed a lot of people with this message,
so feel free to forward it to anyone in the Antarctic community.

On the Weekend of August 2nd - 3rd, McMurdo Station and Scott
Base will be having their annual 48 hour film making competition.
We would love it if you would like to join in to make this a
continent-wide event. There is no limit to the number of entries.

How it works:
On Friday August 2nd, a list of required items to include in the
film will be distributed.
These may be specific props, a line of dialogue, sounds, or a
type of character etc. For example you may be asked to make a
film that includes an ice axe, a teaspoon, the line "What on
Earth is that?", and a sleeping person.

You then go about making a film. The only real restrictions
are to keep the length below 5 minutes, and have the film
completed by Sunday night. Films should be made in Antarctica
on the weekend, but may use one or two existing stock footage
shots if really needed.

Submissions will be electronic.
Because there are band-width restrictions on many bases, we
will have to rely on a bit of local honesty in the completion
deadline, and allow a few days to get films uploaded.

Some samples of films from the 2006 completion can be found
on line here...

The following items were required in these films:
A Bowl, A Sleeping Person, the sound of a Phone, an Ice
Cream Cone, and the line "We've lost another one".

If you are interested in participating, or would like to
see the films everyone comes up with, let me know.


We are holding our local winter film festival on August 9th,
which will also include other general films made by the local
winter staff. We would love to see something from the other
Antarctic Bases to check out what life is like for you.
If you have any other films you have made, we would love to
show them, but once again, we would like the length to be kept
down to 5 minutes maximum.

A few of my clips from previous years can be found on line here...

One of the easiest way to send files is with a free account at You can send files up to 100Meg in size for
free, which is about ideal for a short video clip at a reasonable
quality in WMV or QuickTime format.


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