Thursday, June 26, 2008

Email Archaeology

A word of advice. Don't ever have an email address for seven
years...and then decide to change it! Lynn and I finally
decided to change our "main" email to Yahoo and I've spent
the last few days going through several thousand emails in
our old Earthlink account, deciding what to transfer to the
new account and what to send to the etheral trash bin. What's
amazing is how it's like an archaeology dig into one's past.
There are some things in there that I had completely forgotten.
Fortunately there are only a few emails that my T-3-riddled
brain couldn't figure out at all. Each layer (folder) dug
deeper into the past, like a big lasagna of information.
I'll be glad when it's finally done, but now I feel a bit like
Raiders of the Lost Email...and I'm looking for that treasure-
laden email that says I'm a millionaire. Oh wait...I did get
some of those...but they were from Nigeria...I deleted them.

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