Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bah Humbug

It seems that all RPSC employees are not created equal.
(Not that there was ever any doubt about that anyway)
While the full-time folks in Denver are treated to a
"Summer Picnic" on June 21st, the contract employees
on the Ice have been told that our Mid-Winter day,
which is traditionally a day off of work and a pretty
big day for all other Antarctic stations, will be a
work day. I guess I should contact our Morale Committee
representative to find out what we can do instead for
Mid-Winter...oh wait, there isn't a Polar Morale Committee
on the only applies to folks in the corporate
office...half of which have never been in a Polar Region.
Do I sound bitter?


andrea said...

That's a pretty poor decision. I'm on your side!

IowaMouse said...

What??? A work day??? What are they thinking??? I'm with you, Tom!

Lynnsie said...

They play at Elitches for Mid-Winter Day on their Saturday. We work. That's nice. At least it will be a first. I've never worked Mid-Winter before. There are many firsts here this year for me.

Zondra said...

That is complete BS. We think that everyone should just take the day off anyway. If they're taking mid-winters day away from everyone on the Ice, no one in Denver should be aloud to get their summer picnic thingy either.

Benjamin said...

Sounds like you need another visit from "The Penguin." Whoever made that decision should be fired.