Monday, June 02, 2008


We're in the middle of several days of snowy conditions...
and you know what? I don't like it. I know what you're
thinking...what a surprise!...It snows in Antarctica. Yes,
it does. But not that much. Really. It doesn't really
snow that much. I've lived in several places where when
it SNOWS! get a little snow and it
just blows around a lot and then it's done. Now it's been
snowing for over 2 days and if the wind ever quit blowing... that would happen...we'd have about 6 inches on
the ground (a lot for here). And trying to read the
satellite image to figure out what it's going to do...ha!
Good luck there. It's a good thing I like my job because
I definitely don't like the cold...I don't like the snow
and I definitely don't like the wind. I had a boss down
here that HATED the wind. It would drive him crazy. I'm
sure he's in a straitjacket somewhere by now! There are
many things to like and enjoy down here that make it
worthwhile. The weather is NOT one of them.


Nick said...

I don't mind the cold, unless it's about to kill me. I like the snow and the wind. I like the weather. Sometimes it's a real pain in the ass, but I prefer stormy weather overall. In any case, weather can't be avoided or altered.

What I don't like is pleas to sign up to serve wine at Mid-Winter dinner. If no one wants to be a wine server, then don't serve wine, just let people open it themselves. If no one wants to assist the Decoration Committee, then don't make decorations. If no one wants to volunteer, then negate the activity that depends upon volunteers.

Serve hamburgers on paper plates.

Benjamin said...

While looking at the satellite images, look for color changes coming off the Royal Societies. The more activity coming off those, the more weather activity comin' into town.

Lynnsie said...

All hail Nick! Yes to no decorations, pouring your own, hamburgers on paper plates and another bad movie night.

Lynnsie said...

Poor Tom. This is a mild winter. I've climbed that hill against the wind for several seasons and I'm here to tell you this ain't NOTHIN'! But you're still my hero and I'm glad I get to walk with you this season.

shooskua said...

Hey Tom, it's great to catch up on your blog (great entries!) and get the latest down there. I laughed about the snow entry...I'm so sick of sun here in So. Cal. Today it is raining...and what a refreshing change! ha ha. Anyway, hope your winter is going well and say hi to Lynn for me.