Monday, June 16, 2008

Bring Your Own

We've been informed that starting at WINFLY this
season, the US Antarctic Program will no longer
be issuing the following gear to us:

Extra Socks - Only 2 pair will be issued
Extra Lightweight Underwear
Water Bottle

All of this is in an effort to cut costs. For one,
I think this is a good idea. I don't work outside
so I don't need the 10 pairs of socks that I would
normally be issued and I only take one pair of long
underwear with me anyway. I take the water bottle
and sunglasses but the last time I used the issued
bottle, I filled it with laundry detergent, and I'm
a bit of a sunglass snob, so I wear my own. What
I do worry about though are brand new folks coming
down for the first time. Most don't have a clue about
what gear they'll need (I remember how I wore my
sunglasses all the time during my first week on the
Ice because I had heard about the ozone hole and thought
it would wreck my vision...old age is doing that on
it's own). I guess it will be a wait and see but
since I don't have to take ten pairs of socks anymore,
I can fill one of my orange bags with something more freshies or cheese!


Benjamin said...

Why is it that these people that are looking to cut costs, don't take into account people's safety? Someone that doesn't work outside, doesn't need a lot of socks. But I can tell you that I took every piece of warm gear that I could get my hands on, because my safety depended on it. Once again, Raytheon proves that it doesn't actually care about safety.

Anonymous said...

Interesting cost savings. Wonder what it costs when someone has to be flown north with snow blindness.