Tuesday, June 17, 2008

House Mouse

One of our assigned duties during the winter is to act
as "House Mouse". This entails cleaning your work space
which isn't a big deal for most since you're the one
making it messy. However, for one week, you're assigned
to cleaning the dorm you live in. This week it's my turn
and because Lynn and I swapped with another person, she's
on duty this week as well. We don't have to clean the other
two dorms, but we have to clean Dorm 208. She's happy with
vacuuming, cleaning the stairwells, lounges, etc. as long
as I take out the trash all week. So far it hasn't been
horrible, but yesterday there were over a dozen bags of
different types of trash that had to be taken out to the
dumpsters in front of the dorm (see photo above). There
are several dozen categories of recycling here at McMurdo,
but only 11 types that are sorted within the dorms so that
makes it a little easier. All I have to do is go to the
can's, pull out the trash, tie the bag (this is very
important to the Wasties) and then place a new bag in the
can before dragging all the filled bags down to the dumpsters.
Not hard work, but time consuming and this takes about 90
minutes each day. At least it's only one week.

First Floor Trash

Second Floor Trash

Third Floor Trash

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