Monday, June 30, 2008

el Queso Grandes

As a part of the Fire Department's effort to have 100%
of the station trained in Fire Extinguisher use, it was
my turn today as I was lumped into the group that was
called "el Queso Grandes" (The Big Cheeses). This was
because the NSF Station Manager, RPSC Station Manager,
FEMC Manager, Ops Manager, QA Inspector and lil ol' me
were the victims...I mean participants. After having an
hour and a half of classroom theory and training, we
donned the gear (I got to feel like a real fireman) and
we went outside to hit the pan full of ignited MOGAS.
I'd done this before, both here and on a blazing parking
lot in Phoenix (it was hot...not on fire) so I felt
pretty comfortable. I was 5th in line and after Larry,
the QA Inspector failed to put his fire out, I was still
confident that I would do well. I knew the PASS (Pull,
Aim, Squeeze and Sweep). But...I guess I shouldn't quit
my day job as I failed to put out my fire as well. I
got a second chance and put it out, but by that time my
bubble was burst. The Chief, Will, said that sometimes
if the fire is hot like it was (as opposed to a cold fire?)
it's hard for the later people to put their fires out as
easily. I think he was just trying to make Larry and I
feel better but who cares. I got to wear the cool suit,
snazzy helmet and play with fire. Now I can go back to
my parent's house in the States and burn a
"professional" firefighter!


Eva Mora said...

El queso grande o los quesos grandes.

Lori Murray said...

I've managed to skate under the radar the past couple of years and skip fire extinguisher training. Though I guess we're now doing some sort of video fire training instead of having to go out and play with real fire. So maybe I'll go and get it over with this year.