Sunday, June 29, 2008

Too Many Chips

Today was Antz's birthday so Shandra and Lisa threw a
party for him at Hut 10 and with Sean's help, made
pizza for everybody. Especially good was the chicken-
Gouda-cranberry variety. Antz is a lover of potato
chips and the Store just happened to have a number of
cans of chips available just in time for his birthday.
A number of decorative and imaginative wrapping styles
tried to disguise the chips but the end result was the
same. I told Antz that this is what happens when he
doesn't register somewhere for his birthday. Unfortun-
ately, it looks like he did 7-Eleven.


Benjamin said...

Those chips are only $3 if you get hungry on one of the American Airlines flights. Of course you have to be flying for over two hours, before you can even have the priviledge of buying chips on a plane.

Anonymous said...

You're kidding Ben, right? I'm so over flying. Let's build a raft and sail it outta here Tom!
Enduring July

Benjamin said...

American Airlines is going to cut 900 attendents now with the rising cost of fuel. As someone that had to wait in line in order to find out that they had cancelled my flight for a half hour in order to get three feet closer because their was only one person working that counter (she eventually just "disappeared") I am with you on that one. The C-17 crews however are always pretty good. But if you must go now, there is a boat, outboard motor, and lifejackets on station. You just have to know the right people.