Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Mid-Winter

McMurdo Station - USA

Scott Base - New Zealand

Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station - USA

Palmer Station - USA

Chilean Antarctic Institute - Chile

Frei Station - Chile

Rothera Research Station - United Kingdom

Troll Research Station - Norway

Dumont d'Urville - France

Halley Station - United Kingdom

Syowa Station - Japan

Belgrano Base - Argentina

Casey Station - Australia

Bird Island - United Kingdom

Concordia Station - France/Italy

Davis Station - Australia

SANAE - South Africa

Base JUBANY - Argentina

Mawson Station - Australia

Alfred-Faure Base - France

Neumayer Station - Germany

National Science Foundation - USA

National Institute of Polar Research - Japan


Benjamin said...

Would you like me to go over to Elitch's and let the Denver office know that you guys had an excellent work day and that the people on the ice certainly appreciate that the Denver office has their back. This is disgusting!

Jude said...

These seem even cooler than last year's.