Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mid-Winter Dinner

Last night we attended the Midwinter Dinner. It's the
one time during the winter when the Galley looks a lot
less like the Galley and more like a restaurant. The
food was great, the decorations were wonderful, the crowd
was smartly dressed and the company was a hoot! I'm
pretty sure a good time was had by all.


Benjamin said...

Two-day weekends were had at Palmer and South Pole. Why would McMurdo be the only station that had to work on that day?

Tom said...

McMurdonauts did the "right" thing and asked for it off...and were smacked down by the man. Pole and Palmer kept their yappers shut and just took it off. Also, with smaller populations, much easier to keep a "we took the day off" secret than with 125 people doing so. My 2 cents.

Benjamin said...

I thought 125 WAS a smaller population, but the fact that it was denied (whether or not anyone asking was a bad call) has to make some people in Denver look pretty bad.

Anonymous said...

yup1 but that's only one of many things making people in Denver look bad.