Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hey...They're Free

About once a month, the Store here at McMurdo places a
box outside their door. Inside this box are placed
dozens and dozens of boxes of expired vitamins, cold
medicines, aspirins, etc. In the old days, the Store
would have just sold the items, expired or not. They
still sell some items that are expired such as soda,
some foods etc., but for the most part only these
toiletries are "spoiled" and can't be sold. As a
result, they're up for grabs. Most of the items I
pass on, but today, Amy put out Vitamins. Yes,
they're cheapy generic stuff made by Western Family.
Western Family is kind of the "ACME" of generic
products and yes, they're even big in Antarctica.
So now we have vitamins to last for the next year
or so. Not a huge deal, but vitamins are expensive,
and sending them down here is even more expensive.
Plus..they're free!


Michelle said...

Free is good! One of my favorite sayings. I love reading about life in the South. Keep warm!

Diane said...

Hmm..."soda" not "pop" -- and you claim to be from Indiana! (I read your posts backwards in time.)