Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pop vs. Soda vs. Coke

Some of my favorite brands growing up...Canfield's
Shasta, Elf...all Pop. Not Sodas...not Cokes...Pop.
I came across this interesting web site:

The Great Pop vs. Soda Controversy

I've always known that different people around the
country called pop different things. For the most
part, I've always lived in "pop" territory. I
thought it was strange that Southerners called it
coke...even if it was orange, root beer or even
lemon's a coke. As far as Soda goes...I
always thought it was just a snobby East Coast thing.
Apparently folks around St. Louis and Wisconsin call
it Soda too. Of course they're all crazy. It's Pop.
Why would you call it anything else?


IowaMouse said...

If you look at Iowa....and see that little yellow square...ok, I live close to that. And I always ask for "soda"..."Pop" is for kids.."Soda" is for adults. Does that make us Midwesterners snobby? We could side down over a couple of sodas and talk about it.....(and don't I see your home state pretty much divided over this???)

Sheri said...

Did you read the results for what people said for the category of "Other"? There are some disturbed and angry folks out there!

I don't know how you find these websites, Tom, but I;m glad you share them :)

Happy wintering!

Tom said...

Well, even though I may now live in Colorado, I'll always be a Chicagoan...and that area is definitely Blue...Pop Rules!

Benjamin said...

I had a shop teacher and whenever someone would ask if they gould go for a pop, he would slug them in the arm and say, "Now you don't have to pay $.50!"