Monday, June 02, 2008

Options and Decisions

To most people, changing your email address is no big deal.
To us though, it's our lifeline to civilization and how we
keep in touch with everything off-Ice. Family, Friends,
Business, etc. It's pretty important. For years many years
now Lynn and I have kept the same email address with Earthlink
and since we started it so long ago in the days when email was
fairly new, there was a charge attached to maintaining it.
Finally, we've said enough is enough and are going to stop
forking out money so we can keep someone in Silicon Valley
outfitted in new sports cars every year. Our new choice will
probably be either Yahoo or GMail (yes, both are owned by folks
in Silicon Valley driving sports cars), but both services are
free and it won't be quite as painful to our bank account.
After we decide which to choose, the hard part begins...letting
everyone we correspond with know our new address...changing
forms, calling people etc. I don't even want to think about
how long it will take to forward important emails from Earthlink
to our new account, whichever we choose. Anybody want a part-time


Benjamin said...

You still pay for email?!? That's ok. People laugh at me because I still buy the cd sometimes instead of just getting it digitally.

Jude said...

I have two Yahoo accounts and 1 Gmail. I recommend getting both because hey, they're free, and then you can decide which one you want as your main account. I don't like Gmail because it doesn't let me organize things into folders, but I have it for blogging/Google docs/iGoogle (I love iGoogle) and Google Reader (which I also don't like, but gees, I'm persnickety).

Tom said...

Hey Jude...good to hear from you. Are you going to re-start your blog?