Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Feeder A

It seems that our power has been going off a lot this year.
Except for once though, all of the occurances have been
planned. Over the last few years, they've been building a
new Power Plant and since it's not completely up to speed
yet, they use the Old Power Plant as well. Today they had
to bring down the New Plant engines for a 2000 hour maintenance
cycle, so for less than a minute our side of town (Feeder A)
was without power while they switched over to the Old Plant
engines. This usually turns into quite a task with the
Power Plant technicians, Linemen and Electricians all involved.
I took photos of town without lights, but since it's dark
pretty much all the time in early July, it's kind of like,
"'s what". So we'll get to do this all over
again in a couple of weeks when they switch back over to the
New Plant engines. You kind of get used to it, but if you
think about it, it's kind of scary to realize how cold it would
get here in a hurry if the power stayed out for an extended time.
Granted we don't get as cold as the was only -19 here
this morning, but when we went without power for a couple of
hours last month, one could feel a slight chill already.
Something to keep things in perspective I suppose.

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