Thursday, July 03, 2008

No Liquor

It was announced today that hard liquor will not be sold
in the store this summer. Only in the bars in mixed drinks.
Only beer and wine will be available in both places. All
in the effort to save the program money. No word yet whether
this will affect Palmer and South Pole stations as well.
It's not a big deal to us since we're not drinkers, but
it will be a big inconvenience to a lot of the hard core
drinkers down here. It was also announced a few weeks ago
that smoking will only be allowed in two designated buildings,
instead of the current four, slowly making it a smoke-free
workplace. It certainly is going to be an interesting summer!


Benjamin said...

Well, I am now three months smoke free, but out of curiosity, which buildings will people still be allowed to smoke in? I am absolutely opposed to the elimination of smoking lounges. It is completely separated from the community. Non-smokers don’t have to go in there (with the possible exception of janitors, but usually you can find a janitor that smokes that likes to clean those rooms). What about cigar smokers? Are they supposed to smoke a cigar outside for a couple hours. The elimination of smoking lounges will NOT eliminate smoking inside. It will only ensure that people will smoke in their rooms thus causing a greater fire danger for everyone. Denver has excrement for brains.

Lori Murray said...

No liquor, that will be tough on a few folks. What's the rule going to be for department parties? Beer & wine only?

Tom said...

The smoking areas for WINFLY will be the 155 Smoking Lounge and Southern. 209 and 207 Smoking Lounges will be no more as of Sept. 4th. As for department parties, Party Packs only officially allow beer and wine to be served anyway. Although Nalgene bottles filled with liquids to keep people "hydrated" appear at each party. So I suppose that won't change much.

Will said...

as far as how the policy will affect bar at Pole so I guess the options are no hard liquor at Pole or...status quo.

As for the allegation of a cost saving measure...I'm not buying it, not for a second.

As for "we don't care...we don't drink"..first they came for the jews...and if that reference isn't clear check out what customs is doing to laptops entering the U.S. these days...We were all fine with shredding the constitution at customs when it was Colombian druglords that were being none of has privacy rights at the "border" anymore.

Why doesn't management address the real problem? Removing hard liquor doesn't eliminate the problem of heavy drinkers and even if MCM were dry...the problem people would be problematic...just wouldn't have liquor to blame it on.