Saturday, July 19, 2008

Moon River

Every Sunday we listen to Der Perfesser's Eclectic Grab Bag on
Ice Radio. This is Mark's (aka Poobacca)radio show. In honor of
the 39th Anniversary of the First Landing on the Moon, he scattered
amongst his repertoire a smattering of Moon-related songs. Knowing
that I'm a fan of "Moon River" by Henry Mancini, he played quite
possibly the worst version of it being sung by Andy Williams that
I've ever heard. Not the usual A.W. version, but some jazzy
version that was awful! When Lynn heard that he was going to play
this, she woke me up and of course he said this on the radio so all
dozen or so listeners now know my Sunday sleeping habits. However,
it's not often you have a song, albeit cheesy one, dedicated to
you on an important date on the calendar. Thanks Poobacca!

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