Sunday, July 20, 2008

Now Entering Level 5

This morning I received a shot in the arm. Not just any
shot, but the "Southern Hemisphere Variety" flu shot.
Supposedly this will make us less susceptible to getting
the flu from the Orange People that will be down here in
45 days. Any time I think of viruses, my mind immediately
goes to "The Andromeda Strain". This movie surprisingly
holds up well even though it was made over 35 years ago.
I kind of feel like McMurdo is the movie's version of
Wildfire which is the uber-secret sterile lab where germs
are studied. If I get the flu because of this shot I
received, I may hallucinate and think that small viruses
from other planets are out to get us. OK...maybe not
but it certainly makes getting a flu shot more interesting.

1 comment:

Lori Murray said...

Only 6 weeks to go, that's not too bad. You can do it!