Thursday, July 24, 2008

Olympics on the Brain

Do you ever have things just pop into your head on
a consistent, coincidental basis, for no particular
reason? Over the last 24 hours the Olympics have
strangely entered my brain. Yesterday, I was walking
down the hill from work and I discovered that oddly
enough, I could recite every Summer Olympic venue
in order, and in which year. Last night at trivia, I
was able to answer that Juan Antonio Samaranch was
the President of the International Olympic Committee
from 1980-2001. Then, this morning I was looking at
a blog I subscribe to and copies of B.C. Olympic
Placemats given away free from Marathon gas stations
popped onto my screen. The packrat that I am, I actually
still have some of these from long long ago. It's just
weird how all of these things on one particular subject
just appear all of a sudden in my head. I think winter
is having it's effect on my brain.

1 comment:

Benjamin said...

I constantly and consistantly chant, "LETS GO METS, LETS GO METS!!!"