Friday, July 18, 2008

Toasty Warm

It's that time of year again. It happens like clockwork.
People are getting toasty. If you really want to know all
the scientific mumbo jumbo of what T3 is about, just Google
it for yourself because I am lucky to remember my own name
these days, let alone quote you the specifics from the New
England Journal of Medicine. A few years ago, I had trouble
remembering if "S" came before or after "T". There have been
additional symptoms that it is rampant on station:

At the last two meetings, notices have been given to continue
to play well with others. What might have been funny four
months ago, might not be now.

I watched people ask for salt and pepper recently without
saying a single word.

I actually thought that getting a whole case of Shrimp flavored
Ramen might be a good thing.

No sunshine, cold weather and repetition (walk up the hill, walk
down the hill, rinse, repeat) have a tendency to make one's mind
wander. What's really sad is I just spaced out for over 5 minutes
before writing this sentence...


Benjamin said...

Why do they alway pass the salt AND pepper??? I just asked for the salt. Why, bless me, why?!?

Anonymous said...

because they're married, duh

Francis said...

So what if im toasty...? (who said that?)....What if I ask for the "pepper and salt" what are you saying about me????? WHAT!!!! For the love of Christ....

..Which way to MED?