Thursday, July 17, 2008

Winter p0rn

No one down here would ever look at "dirty" pictures,
but to Winterovers, after not seeing any greenery,
fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables, this is the
closest most people get to p0rn. Let's just say that
seeing pictures like these from our friends in the
Spokane Washington area makes Winterovers very happy.
A few years ago we sent some photos like this to some
friends on the Ice and used the "other" "P word" (with a
"O" instead of a "zero (0)". It got bounced by the
email filter thinking it was something of bad taste.
Little did the filter know that these photos are much
more interesting than the traditional photos with the
"O" instead of a "zero(0)".

Note: This was a really hard entry to write without using
the actual "P word". My brain is WAY too toasty to be
that imaginitive and if I used the actual "P" word, who
knows what kind of spam I'd start getting!

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