Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who's Minding the Store?

McCain...Obama. Obama...McCain. Who cares. I can't
say I'm enamored with either one of them. Is this the
best we can do? I'm not even IN the States and won't
be during the election, but I'm already tired of this
election and there's still 100 days to go. However,
what I always wonder during these types of elections
where campaigns run on ad nausea...who does their job
of being Senator while they are spending all this time
campaigning? I've been a resident of both Arizona and
Illinois and I don't think that the residents of those
two states are currently getting their money's worth.
I've always been a big believer that if someone is
running for National Office and holds an elected office,
they should have to resign from that office that they
are currently holding (and apparently not giving that
much attention). It would benefit the residents of their
district or state as well as make them much more likely
to try harder to win the office. After all, they're
going to be out of a job if they lose. Ok, so they won't
go all the way down to "Bob Obama" working as a barista
at Starbucks or "Juan McCain" handing out "Fire" sauces at
Taco Bell...they're pretty wealthy guys...but for once
it seems that the constituents might be considered.

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