Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Patiently Waiting

All the buzz on the internet news sites lately is a story on
the website "Science Daily" stating the following: "A snapshot
of New Zealand’s climate 40 million years ago reveals a
greenhouse Earth, with warmer seas and little or no ice in
Antarctica, according to research recently published in the
journal Geology". Duh. Ok, I just don't get it. I'd like
to think that I'm smarter that the average bear, but why do
people continue to get grants for making statements like this?
Of course the climate was different than now 40 million years
ago. The climate was different 400 million years ago and
guess what...It will be different 40 million years from now
as well! I've pretty much known for years that there were
once dinosaurs that roamed Antarctica, the continents have
been different places over the millenia and that ice ages
cause huge ice sheets that advance and recede. So WHY...
somebody PLEASE tell me WHY...this is news? I'm floored that
every time someone possesses a thought bubble about global
warming, they get paid big bucks to write about it or study it.
Are we helping to cause global warming? I don't know. I don't
seriously think ANYONE knows for sure. For sake of argument,
Yes...humans are definitely contributing to global warming.
Yes...I believe we aren't helping...but you know what? We can
all stop using every kind of invention ever invented and go
back to living in caves right now...and SURPRISE! It's still
going to happen eventually! That's what the Earth does!
Yeah...what a shocker that is! So, in the meantime, I'm going
to stay close to my computer and wait for notification that my
check is in the mail. After all, I just wrote on and on about
global warming and if everyone else seems to be paid for it
these days, why can't I? Oh yeah...the other day I walked by
some fossils in a display case in Crary Lab...from when
Antarctica was warmer...WHAT??? Antarctica was once warmer????

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Lori Murray said...

I hope you do get paid, seems fair to me :-)