Thursday, July 31, 2008

Airbus A-319

The Intercontinental Aircraft Schedule (Subject to Changes)
was released today for the upcoming McMurdo Summer Season.
What excited me is that tentatively (yes, nothing is ever
written in stone), the last week of flights south and north
will be handled by the Airbus A-319. I've flown on a C-17,
LC-130, C-141, Coast Guard Dauphin Helicopter and turned
down the chance to fly in a Twin Otter while on the Ice, but
I think it will be great to fly in a plane out of here that
very few have gotten to travel in...Antarctic-wise.
The reason that I'm pretty confident that I'll get to fly on
the A-319 is that it will be flying the last 4 flights north
and since I'm a Air Services Rep this Summer, I'll be on one
of the last flights. This particular A-319 is owned and
operated by a company called SkyTraders out of Australia and
earlier this year, conducted the first official flight to the
Wilkins Aerodrome. A test flight was sent to McMurdo in 2007.
Again, this is all Subject to Changes, but if it happens, it
could make flying to the Ice a whole new experience.


IowaMouse said...

Wow! Almosst like a real plane! Does it have those comfy seats and possibly a flight attendant???

Benjamin said...

If they had a stewardess, the lonely Antarctic men would go nuts.

Lori Murray said...

Hmm, real seats? No stepping on everyones bunny boots when you want to move around? You guys are getting too civilized.

Atlas said...

Holy shit. We won't have to wear earplugs!

Benjamin said...

It depends on who you are sitting next to.