Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm Amazed

Wakes are somber affairs. I keep telling myself that my Dad is in
a better place but at the same time it's very difficult to convince
myself of this. To me, a better place is to be here with us. However,
it just doesn't work that way.

At the same time, it's amazing how much one person can touch the lives
of so many. I knew that my Dad knew a lot of people here. After all,
he's lived here all of his 72 years. What I didn't realize though is how
many lives he touched while he was with us. We estimated that upwards
of 700 people attended his wake! Each of these people were touched
in some way by my Dad and wanted to pay their respects...both to him
and to my Mom as well as the rest of the family.

My Dad's legacy is the fact he meant so much to so many people. I
still feel there is a void in my heart but seeing that he meant so much
to so many people makes it a little easier.

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