Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yard Work

My Dad's favorite hobby was working in the yard. Since he
was sick for all of the summer, all of the family in the
area, including grandkids helped out. This kept it close
to Dad's high standards. Not an easy task when the yard is
about an acre in size and includes multiple flowerbeds, trees,
shrubs, etc. The past couple of days, Lynn and I, along with
my sister Nancy, her husband Greg, my brother John and his wife
Julie, have been helping Mom spruce up the yard and get it
ready for winter. During this process, the mosquitos from the
past few days have been swarming. Not pleasant when you're the
one who's operating the weed whipper and cleaning out shrubs
and bushes. I think I need a transfusion from all the blood
that has been taken from me! I've never seen so many mosquitos
at one time. Even in tropical places like Thailand! Thankfully,
there is supposed to be a cooling trend in the area soon and
hopefully that will zap the buggers. Until then, I'll walk
around looking like I have full-body mumps!


Benjamin said...

You traded the soul-sucking vampires of Antarctica in for the blood-sucking misquitos of the mid-west. I think I would rather take the misquitos. Plus, yard work is good for the soul.

Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

greetings from Italy, good luck

Bye Marlow

kimberish said...

I am so glad that you are there helping your Mom and that she has so much help. When you lose a partner like that, not only do you lose the person you love, but you lose all they do for you. And at that time, you are often not up for figuring it all out. So glad you are there!