Saturday, September 20, 2008

One of Four

Today the Cubs (and us fans) held the first of four
celebrations that will be happening over the next few

1. Central Division Champs
2. National League Division Series Champs
3. National League Championship Series Champs
4. World Series Champs

It will be an interesting next few weeks at Clark and


Benjamin said...

For fans of a team that has not won a World Series in 100 years and is supposedly the last of the cursed teams, you guys sure are optimistic. By the way, the Mets tear up right-handed pitching. Are you going to pitch Lily every game or are you going to find some lefties somewhere?

Tom said...

hrmmph...the Mets better hope they don't need their bullpen...or lack of it

Benjamin said...

We'll see if the Cubs can continue to rely on their pitchers having 5 RBIs including a Grand Slam. Unbelievable. In the words of Casey Stengel, the Mets first manager, "We're finding ways to lose that I didn't even know existed."