Thursday, September 18, 2008

Red River

This morning my Dad and I watched one of his favorite
movies of all time...Red River, starring John Wayne.
For years, my Dad had never seen the whole movie in
one sitting because it came on so late and he would
always doze off during the show. A few years ago we
bought him a copy. Today he told me there were scenes
of the movie he'd never seen before. I explained that
those were the parts that he had dozed through. I
think he enjoyed it even with the "extra" scenes


IowaMouse said...

My dad used to do the same thing. Lot's of movies were "new" to him too! I'm still trying to figure out how he could tell I was about to change the channel when he was sound asleep & snoring! Just as my hand was about to touch the channel changer (remember them??), he'd say "I'm watching that" did he do that??

Tom said... parents literally bought a television with a remote control the day after I moved out of the house. Their "remote control" had just left...Tom, turn it to channel 9, Tom, turn it to channel 7...etc. etc.