Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Fatigue

Put a fork in me...I'm done. I'm am officially
electioned-out. And I'm one of the lucky ones.
I'm 8000 miles away from it and yet it invades
even Antarctica. Too...Much...News...about...
the...election. I'm more sad than anything else.
I can't say I like McCain. If he were a color
of paint in the pallette, he'd be Navajo White.
Just a shade above Vanilla. More of the same.
As for Obama...I just don't trust him. Too much
unknown about him and what he plans for this
country. And to watch the millions, including
many of my friends fawn over him...it's almost
nauseating. It seems like blind devotion that
can only lead to heartbreak for our country.
Whoever wins...at least it will be over.
However I'm seeing a rift being formed within
our nation that I fear will only grow larger and
never heal. We are not a United States any longer.
We are Us versus Them. Sad times lay ahead. No
matter which candidate wins, the country as a
whole will be the loser.


andrea said...

I'm beginning to think of it, not as the US, but the "ME" nation. Selfishness has taken a toll.

Tom said...

Well said

Benjamin said...

Well, the baby boomers were dubbed the "Me Generation" back in the 80's so we certainly have a precedent for that. As far as election fatique goes, I am glad that it is over, and that our country can finally start putting back the pieces of the disaster of the last eight years, but I just don't know what I am going to do with my day. I guess I could read a book or something.

Diane said...

Great - we triumphed over communism in the 80s, now people have chosen socialism for the US. It doesn't work people!

Brock said...

I really recommend reading Obama's books. If you haven't already. (or audio versions...)

If America's biggest exports are its ideas; America hasn't had a drought... In my mind, even if Obama is nothing more than a glorified cheerleader during his administration, it will have been an enormous improvement. In my mind, he's re-branding a tired and flailing giant.