Thursday, November 06, 2008

Best By Apr 30 08

Large expanses of ice and snow...Wildlife including
penguins, orcas and seals...Historic sites and the
lore of historic feats. I actually experienced none
of these on this day in the frozen wilderness of
Antarctica. Instead, I removed expired Pita Chips
from Go Picnic meals that are destined to be mealtime
disappointments to some folks leaving McMurdo. I'm
sure these Pita Chips might have been quite tasty in
their day (maybe not) but right now I think we're doing
the right thing by pulling them. They smell REALLY bad.
Maybe they always smelled like that. Maybe removing
expired foods from boxes will become a new Antarctic
adventure...or maybe not


Michelle said...

Boy you sure know how to have fun down there! LOL

Diane said...

Between "bare naked" pita chips and thousands of condoms, I have to agree with Michelle!