Sunday, November 09, 2008


I try not to complain too much about the food here.
Especially since the kitchen staff is given a set
number of ingredients and they have to do their best
with it. However...tonight I have to put my foot down.
Who the f**k puts olives in Tuna Salad. Sorry, for the
bad language but on a mid-rats dinner night where a
sandwich was going to be the star attraction due to
an occurrance of Chicken Pot Pie Soup, I was drawn
quickly to what seemed like enticing tuna salad. Not
so fast Tuna-boy! What is that stuff in there...onions?
Oh no...God-forbid there be onions in the Tuna Salad.
Someone might be allergic to a diced vegetable that has
been around for thousands of years. Yes, tonight we
had Tuna Salad, generously filled with...Olives. Not
even big pieces of olives that you could pick out.
Someone had to go through the paces to dice them into
tiny pieces. This is yet another case of "Just leave it
the heck alone". Sometimes the galley just tries too
much. Comfort food is not a bad thing. Especially
when the nearest comfort food is thousands of miles
away. In the meantime...hold the olives.


Cartophiliac said...

MMmmmm.... that actually sounds kind of good... I often put black olives in my tuna salad.

Benjamin said...

Nope. No olives in the tuna salad. As someone who is generally very sympathetic to Galley staff, this is a sin, and an afront to the taste buds. Makes you miss Sherry.

IowaMouse said...

Eeewww....who puts olives in RUNA salad??? That's just wrong.... What's wrong with tuna and mayo, for gosh sakes? MAYbe with relish, but definately no olives.

IowaMouse said...

geez.....I really meant TUNA not runa salad....blame it on cold fingers to type with.

Lori Murray said...


Brock said...

I'm in the black olive camp...