Friday, November 07, 2008

Just One of the Mob

Several times over the last few days I have felt
extremely anonymous. Oh, don't get me wrong. Lots
of people here know who I am. Well, not lots, but
more than a handful. I've felt lately that I know
very few of the 938 people that are here. I don't
consider this a bad thing, but since I probably know
only 200 or so of the folks here, The masses sometimes
feel a bit overwhelming. Blame it on being a winterover
or blame it on working nights, but the nameless, faceless
mob is starting to get on my nerves. My last summer, I
was able to put on blinders and spend time with co-workers,
friends and people I generally care about. My attitude
toward the folks I don't know is starting to become as
cold as the weather. I'm not sure if this forecasted
trend will continue but I feel this chilly climate will

1 comment:

Benjamin said...

It's ok Tom. They are summer people. You don't have to so much as speak to them if you don't want to. Put on you winter-over badge of honor and walk with the pride of those in the know.