Friday, October 31, 2008

They Say It's My Birthday!

This morning, Lynn and I were talking about being
at interesting and odd places on my birthday. This
year is relatively mellow, attending my refresher
Happy Camper push class and getting a good portion of
the day off while preparing to go to nights on Monday.
Last year on this day I was wandering the halls of
Dracula's Castle, in 2005 I was wandering the ruins
of Chaco Canyon. Both less creepy than the bug-infested
hut with the weed-filled mattress on Aitutaki in the
Cook Islands. Next year...who knows. Maybe McMurdo.
As long as it isn't creepy!

2002 - Christchurch
2003 - Aitutaki
2004 - Indiana
2005 - Chaco Canyon
2006 - McMurdo
2007 - Transylvania
2008 - McMurdo


cristian said...

Hehe , I'm a Romanian who reads your blog. I laughed when I read you were wandering the Dracula Castle last year. I've never been there, also I have not watched yet the Bela Lugosi film 'Dracula'.
But actually there was a real local Romanian king in the 1460's called Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler). He was ruthless, but now he has a good view among Romanians because he successfully eradicated rampant corruption in his times.

Good luck and have a nice antarctic summer,
Cristian (26) from Romania

That 1 Guy said...

Happy B-day, Tom!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Tom!!!

Benjamin said...

Happy Birthday from me as well. Hope it was a good one.

rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Tom!
Hope you are enjoying happy camper push class :) rsf