Monday, December 29, 2008

Land of Lame Limes

A lazy girl that Lynn is not. Albeit very seasonal, she could make a
small fortune acting as a shopper for half of McMurdo Station. Once
people found out she was staying in Christchurch, the orders came
flying in. Can you please by me this...can you please pick up that.
A friend of mine told me she should charge a 25% surcharge for each
item. For good...or bad...Lynn is too nice to do that and she's been
getting items for people down here for weeks now. Of course they
give me the money for the cost of the item...but's kind of
like the Gold Rush Days...the miners didn't make any money...the
people that sold them supplies made all the money. Maybe an
opportunity for another year. Anyway, our friend Bear asked for Limes.
He wants to make Guacamole. problem. A
problem. Limes...a BIG problem. Lynn has scoured the city and there
are no Limes...ANYWHERE. Apparently the shipment from California
didn't arrive. You would think that a country like New Zealand with a
sub-tropical climate up north would grow their own Limes. At least
enough to support a population of a small country like NZ!!! Hmm...
note to self -number 2 on how to make money....Start a Lime Plantation
in New Zealand. Apparently it truly is the land of the lame limes.

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karen said...

I found some pathetically small and outragiously expensive USA limes at the Pak-n-Sav in CHC. At $24.99/kg (vs $3.99 for other fruit), I had to pass. My friend received a $2 bottle of lime juice instead!