Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Ho Ho Ho...
This has not been one of my best Christmas's. I'm feeling very
underwhelmed by the whole "festive" holiday scene here. I had
forgotten what a drunkfest that it can be and it truly depresses me.
Even at my Midrats Christmas dinner tonight I felt very uncomfortable
with the amount of falling down on the floor drunken people there
were in the vicinity. It loses it's novelty after oh...5 seconds. After
that it's just creepy and sad. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have
a drink...or two. but 10, 15, can't carry a blue dinner tray drunk is
way too many. That and a overall sponsored "Holiday" theme that do I say it...plastic and forced. Not my bag. To be
honest, I'll be glad when this "joyous" season is over.


IowaMouse said...

Merry Christmas to you and Lynn from the snowy MidWest! Sad to hear about all the falling down people. Not my bag either. Especially if they have the blue tray in hand... So will you be enjoying a "normal" Christmas next year in Indiana?

Leslie said...

I'm sorry Tom. I'm not a huge fan of fall down drunkenness either. Stay chipper and try to have a semi-good day today. Merry Christmas

Lori Murray said...

Merry Christmas Tom,

Sorry it's a bit of a bummer. I'm here at work too, but headed home on Friday. No booze allowed up north though :-)

the delightful said...

oh tom, such a scrooge. you just need a witches hat and a set of drums. i'd take that sterile galley over the family holiday any day!