Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Most Thoughtful Gift

Today, I received the most thoughtful gift from my
friend, "The Delightful Carrie *********". While
we were back in Indiana, Lynn, Carrie and I went to
the book sale at the Kouts Public Library. This
was shortly after my Dad passed and her visit helped
cheer us up. Unbeknownst to me, Carrie found this
book and just today I received it in the mail from her.
Even though the book has nothing to do with my Dad and
the story is about something completely non-related,
the title reminds me of my Dad and his love for gardening.
Thank you Carrie. I will treasure this book always.


Fröken said...

Hi Tom. Now this may seem really really strange but i would like to come in contact with carrie. I worked with carrie in the summer of ´99 and we lost contact. For the past few years i´ve searched for her but with no success (maybe cause i´m in sweden but anyho). Tonight i found your blog and there was carrie!!! I´m blown away. I´ll give the link to my own blog although written in swedish...maybe you can tell her to write a comment there or email me at: I´m sooo happy right now and i hope that you´ll pass my message to her :)

Fröken said...

LOL i was so excited that i forgot to tell you that my name is Anja, so she knows which swede it is ;)