Sunday, December 21, 2008

Where's the Beef?

Apparently someone has stolen over 150 pounds of prime rib
that was earmarked for Christmas dinner. There is an
investigation going on as this was to be a large part of
the dinner and it's been taken seriously. Coincidentally,
(or not) we received 13,000 pounds of freshies on the plane
today. Do I smell a PETA plot to take over the nutrition
needs of the station?


Benjamin said...

I'm sure that you can see me fuming about this all the way over here. That sort of thing never would have happened on my watch!

Anonymous said...

Where's Ben when you need him? I'm sure Jack is on top of it though...not his fault.
I can only guess that the beef is not "stolen" but that MAPCON is not correctly reporting. Again. Too bad there's no MAPCON Edit Team on the Ice to find the missing beef. Oh well. Gotta run now...Christchurch has SO many places to eat!

IowaMouse said...

I'm sure this will entail an examination of every freezer in every building until the beef is found. After all...why would you take it home on the plane??? Possibly some other department was wanting to have their OWN party....

Michelle said...

What happens when they find it? What kind of "laws" you have and how do they enforce them. Is there a jail in Antartica? Hmm....very sad someone has to steal Christams Dinner. Sounds alot like the Grinch to me.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable, well maybe not. It is McMurdo after all. I would suggest once the perp is ID'd they be staked out and let the Skua's have at them.....but you would need an ACA permitt for that.