Friday, January 23, 2009

Not Feeling Driven

I was asked yesterday to drive an Airporter out to Pegasus
Runway today to deliver passengers to the Kiwi C-130 for
the trip north to Christchurch. It turned out that the Terrabus,
Ivan, was repaired in time and they didn't need me as a driver.
No big deal since I was probably needed more in the office.
I think Susie probably asked me if I wanted to drive just to get
me OUT of the I wouldn't kill someone. Mini-meltdowns
seem more possible these days as I've entered my last of 13 months
here with only 5 weeks off. Susie is a smart cookie and knows that
she needs to keep my mind occupied.


Lori Murray said...

Do you have a departure date set yet?

Tom said...

Yep...February 20th