Monday, January 19, 2009

In a Can

Prince Albert of Monaco visited McMurdo last week on a
whirlwind tour of Antarctica to study global warming. I
had the chance to see him talk to the throngs...or is it
minions when it comes to royalty...but I didn't feel
like fighting the crowds. Not often royalty comes around,
but I remember back in 2002 watching Princess Anne
carry her blue tray full of Galley food back to an invited
group of not me's to enjoy some sort of chicken or blazin
red fish. However...she didn't take her dirty tray and dishes
to the dirty dish window...Oh those wacky royals...what will
they do next???

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Tom, my dear husband. You need to get out of there. I am all caught up on your blog entries now and I must need a different song virus. Xanadu? What the heck? Leave the Ice and return to me in Christchurch. I'll be waiting at the CDC with MUCH BETTER music and lots of other goodies.