Friday, January 02, 2009

Silly Silly Tom

I'm in the middle of transitioning onto days so
I knew if I stayed home, I would fall asleep, or
at the very least, feel like going to bed. So
I took a hike. I've never hiked the Hut Ridge
Trail before and it regularly taunts me from my
view outside Dorm 208. A breeze was blowing but
I figured it was a what. By the time
I got to Roll Cage Mary, I had to grab onto the
historic plaque (the metal kind...not the kind on
Mary's teeth) so I wouldn't be blown off the hill.
I eventually had to sit it out and wait for the
wind to lessen. It would have been really stupid
for me to continue up the hill so I went back down
the hill. Very unfulfilling...maybe in a few days
I'll get to finish my hike.

1 comment:

jean said...

Maybe a better day with no breeze at all. :)

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