Friday, January 16, 2009

This is Ricardo Montalban...

A favorite of Lynn and mine passed away this week.
Ricardo Montalban was 88 years old. He was best
known in his roles in Fantasy Island and in Star
Trek, the Wrath of Khan.

However, we remember him best for our trips to New
Mexico. When one would cross the border into New
Mexico on Interstate 25 or Interstate 40, there would
be a sign inviting you to turn your radio dial to either
530 or 1610 and Ricardo Montalban would appear on
the airwaves. "Hello...This is Ricardo Montalban for the
State of New Mexico..." The message would then go on
telling you something about the history of New Mexico
in Ricardo's relaxing, hispanic voice. Over the past
few years, I've noticed that the signs and messages are
gone...just like Ricardo. He will be missed.

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