Friday, January 16, 2009

All My Roommates

The day finally came this week...I received a roommate. I was lucky
enough to not get one for the entire time since Lynn left and I was
hesitant to talk about it since I would either jinx myself, or someone
would find out that I didn't have one and that would be the end of
that. Realistically, I'm sure Housing probably knew I didn't have a
roommate but since there are 200 or so less people here this year,
they didn't need the bed space.

Over the years here, I've been lucky enough to have only three roommates.
Lynn of course is the best. She puts up with my snoring and my perpetual
paper blizzard. I also basically worship the ground she walks on...I'm
a lucky guy.

Atlas was my roommate a few years ago when I came down and Lynn
was camped down the hall in our winter room, but the other occupant
of the room hadn't left yet. Atlas was nice enough to take me in...and
put up with my snoring. I was scheduled to be in a room with three
other people in B-155 and he had no roommate, so I was able to move
in. It was a nice situation.

My newest roommate is Ben. Ben and I worked together for several
winters in Housing and he was the Food Monkey in the Food
Warehouse for several years in Supply. Ben is a good guy, but
has one huge flaw...he's a Mets fan. I suppose I will learn to
overlook this small hitch in his character...maybe :)


Benjamin said...

I snore too.

Genevieve said...

BEN? He is here in mactown? I'm here for R&R from Pole, where I'll be wintering.

Tom, you switched to days? I'll pop up to see you tomorrow.