Saturday, February 21, 2009

Back In NZ

On Thursday, I finally left my ninth season on the
Ice behind. I definitely can't say that I was sad to
go, but I left a few good friends behind and I wish
them a good Winterover. The nicest part of leaving,
(other than anticipating seeing Lynn after a absence
of three months of course) was the chance to ride
in the Airbus. It was leased by USAP from the
Australian Antarctic Programme and was definitely
a unique experience. I had a "reserved" seat because
I work in ATO so I got to sit in business class. what
a nice perk and really comfortable. This was the
first time I'd flown in anything either to or from the
Ice in a plane besides a military transport. I even got
an excellent view of Ross Island from the window. It
was also interesting to have a flight with actual Flight
Attendants and how they transformed from their cold
weather gear into...well...Flight Attendants, with
a snack and beverage cart! A great flight overall and
we were back in Christchurch by 6:30pm and home
by 8:00pm. It's great to be back with Lynn in NZ!

1 comment:

andrea said...

Gotta tell you, I'm a little jealous--you probably didn't even have to wear ear plugs!