Monday, February 23, 2009


It's almost, it IS overwhelming. You would
think the number of times that I've come back to "civilization"
I would be used to it by now but for some strange reason I'm
not. It almost feels like a gluttony to the senses. The amount
of choices one has is boggling and this isn't even the mass-
marketing frenzy that the States is (although it comes quite
near). I actually have a whole store nearby of DVD's to rent!
A grocery full of ten different kinds of tortilla chips to choose
from (unfortunately all of them taste stale for some reason)
and multiple restaurants within walking distance. Yesterday
we met at the house of Laurie and along with Leighton,
Janice, Lynn, Susie, Liz and several partners and spouses, had
a very civilised barbecue. Again...too many choices! So what
do I do? I try everything! Dinner tonight, the same thing.
This time at an Italian restaurant down the street with friends
Anna, Sheri and Michiel. This first week is a combination of
hanging out, not paying as much attention to money and lots
and lots of choices!

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