Monday, March 23, 2009

Cook Your Own Food!!!

Tonight we met a handful of Ice friends at a place called
the Stone Grill. The premise is essentially that they bring
your meat to you on a hot rock slab and you keep it on the
slab in front of you and eat it when you think it's done.
If you go before 6pm, your dinner is half price. Part of
me did a fast forward in my life and I pictured myself
living in Arizona or Florida, getting to dinner for the
early bird special! Although I understand there are a
few of these in America, I think that a thing like this
might not be successful for long there. I can just see
some 8 year old taking their 5 year old's brother's face
and holding it to the hot stone! Plus the fact that the
health inspectors would have a field day with people
eating "uncooked food". All in all though, it was good
and I'd go back. Even if I do have to cook my own food.


Lori Murray said...

It looks really good!

rebecca said...

I love that place!
Enjoy something yummy for me :) rsf

Benjamin said...

I asked the Kiwis last night and they pronounce them "Zee Zee Top." I am sure you will be able to sleep better now.

Cartophiliac said...

Reminds me of The Melting Pot fondue restaurant chain here in the US. It was amusing to do it once... cooking your own food, but probably won't ever go back.