Friday, March 27, 2009

The Enabler

Lynn has an addiction. An addiction to buying yarn.
Not just any old yarn. Yarn from all over the world
and lots of it. It's not really her fault though. I take
her to places everywhere to do so. I always say that
I know more about knitting than anyone in the world
that doesn't knit. This is because we've gone to so
many yarn stores together. Today was no exception
as we drove an hour south of Christchurch to the
small town of Ashburton, to the Ashford Craft Shop.
This location is famous for it's yarn, looms and
spinning wheels. We escaped without buying any
looms or spinning wheels, but several skeins of
yarn gave their lives to our bank account!


IowaMouse said...

Wow! Wish I could have joined you two. Of course, then it would have been hard to put a loom on a plane...much less the box of yarn..

rebecca said...

Oh how I understand the desire to buy yarn and lots of it! My newest technique is to only buy it if I have a specific project in mind. :) rsf