Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What You Get

Today we booked our flights to Quito Ecuador, leaving from
Grand Junction in April and returning in July. We used Frequent
Flyer miles. To me, this is semi-momentous since I think that
the practice of airlines giving Frequent Flyer miles to the
average, non-business traveller will shortly become a thing
of the past. The airlines wouldn't dare take away this perk
from business travelers since this segment is the bread and
butter of their operation. However, most non-business, leisure
travelers don't fly enough to get upset over losing something
that they're probably never going to take advantage of
anyway. So who will this hurt? People like Lynn and I who
are somewhere in between. We fly roughly 25,000 miles per
year, which is not quite enough for a free ticket for
international travel, but too many miles to brush off as
something to be ignored.
Of course, I'm not basing this theory of disappearing miles
on anything but a gut feeling, so hopefully I'll be very wrong.
In the meantime, we're going to enjoy our free flight next
month. I hope it won't be our last free trip that we're able
to take using miles.

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